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What You Need To Know About The Cleanroom Attire

The cleanroom is an artificial environment to minimize the concentration of airborne pollutants. Today, cleanrooms play a vital role in manufacturing processes, especially in the pharmaceutical and microprocessor industries. As the trend toward miniaturization in manufacturing makes sensitive materials more susceptible to contamination, cleanrooms will undergo further developments.

As a person involved in managing a cleanroom, you need to understand the importance of cleanroom apparel in keeping these environments safe and operating efficiently. Youthtech is a professional cleanroom supply manufacturer in China since 2005. In this post, we will share something about cleanroom clothing requirements and cleanroom attire.

The importance of cleanroom attire

There are air filters, purification equipment, and cleanroom furniture in the cleanroom, but humans’ biggest source of contaminants. Even if people are still, they continuously spread around dead skin, hairs, microbes, and other pollutants. Therefore, cleanroom operator must wear special clothing that can play two roles:

  1. Prevent natural human pollutants from infecting the environment.
  2. Protect the wearer from danger in the immediate area.

Cleanroom attire requirements

The specific attributes of clothing worn in a cleanroom depend on the unique characteristics of the relevant environment, but such clothing usually includes the following design features:

1. The lint-free material prevents small fibers from affecting the precision microprocessor.

2. Resistance to an arc flash is very important to help protect personnel from this dangerous phenomenon.

  1. Antistatic carbon fiber: It can prevent static electricity from damaging electronic equipment. Antistatic or electrostatic discharge (ESD) clothing can reduce this risk.

4. High-density fabric: This can prevent heat and corrosive liquids.

What do you wear in a cleanroom?

The purpose of cleanroom clothing is to cover the entire body. When worn cleanroom attire correctly, it covers most or all of the wearer’s body. The standard suit usually consists of cleanroom garments, Facial masks, Goggles, Hoods, Gloves, Boots.

How to dress for cleanroom?

Like many beneficial accessories, we should apply cleanroom apparel correctly to get its full range of benefits. It requires a precise sequence of actions to ensure that the clothes do not become contaminated.

In general, the gowning procedure includes a thorough cleaning of exposed skin (including removal of makeup) and any clothing needed underneath the cleanroom clothing.

The jewelry must be removed or at least completely covered. Operators must put on clothing while preventing it from touching the ground, where it can pick up contaminants at any time during this process. Many cleanrooms place a sticky mat before the entrance to remove dirt and other pollutants from personnel’s shoes.

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