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What Cleanroom Furniture Do You Know?

Many industries have strict requirements about the production environment, especially those high-tech industries. For example, the microelectronics industry, pharmaceutical industry, and food aseptic packaging all need the production environment very clean. Have you ever been into the cleanroom? And what cleanroom furniture do you know?

A clean and dustless production environment will help to protect the product from dust and bacterial pollutions. So it can ensure the product quality, and also improve the production line efficiency. Cleanroom furniture plays a very important part in the clean room equipment list because people will touch the table every day.

Youth is a professional cleanroom furniture manufacturer in China, and we also produce other cleanroom supplies this post will share what cleanroom Furniture is there in the cleanroom.

What are the requirements for clean room furniture?

Usually, stainless steel cleanroom furniture is very common in the cleanroom. They are not easy to rust and anti-corrosion. The different industries may have other requirements for clean room furniture. Take the laboratory clean room as an example, and it requires the table not easy to corrode, not easy to get fire, not easy to dump. 

Since the chemical liquids in the laboratory can cause a fire very easily. The furniture must meet the standard. Another material of the furniture is the steel and wood material, and the experimental table is applying this kind of material.

Certainly, there are also other furniture materials, and please feel free to contact us about your requirement to come up with a solution for you. 

What cleanroom furniture is there in the cleanroom?

Since different industries will need other cleanroom furniture to meet the production demand, we will take several common pieces of furniture as samples.

Gowning Cabinet

The cleanroom requires workers must change clothes before entering the cleanrooms. So there needs a gowning cabinet for workers to change clothes. The material, size, and design depend on the actual work environment. Please kindly check the below photos.

Working Table

There is a single-person and multi-person workbench, and the height will be different as per different work requirements. Usually, there are several drawers on the working bench. You can check the below photos.

Sink Cabinet

Usually, the material of the sink cabinet is stainless steel. Because it’s not easy to get rust in a wet environment. More and more features are available now to the cabinet, such as automatic handwashing, automatic hand drying, and automatic hand sterilization. Contact us for more details. 

Tool Cart

The tool cart is very important to the cleanroom since they may come and go many times a day. And it may bring dust and pollution into the cleanroom. So almost every cleanroom has the cleaning requirement about them. The cart user should clean all the dust and disinfect the cart after use. 

On the other hand, the tool can resist corrosion. Another requirement is that it can’t damage the ground with the wheel. So the wheel shouldn’t be too hard or low to the ground. Anti-shock is also another requirement for the cart, and this can ensure safety during the transition. 

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