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What Clean Bench Classification Do You Know?

The clean bench is very important to the clean room because it can keep the dust away when implementing an experiment. Do you know the clean bench classifications? Our company Youth is a professional cleanroom supply manufacturer in China. In this post, we will introduce the details about the clean bench.

What are clean bench’s functions?

Since the clean bench is a box-type air purification equipment, it can provide a local dust-free clean working environment. This can artificially control the polluted air discharge in the work area through a special filter channel. In this way, it avoids harm to people and the environment. 

It can maintain performance parameters such as wind speed, air cleanliness, noise, vibration, and lighting in the workspace under the required working conditions. Therefore, many industries will use them, like biological laboratories, medical and health, and other related industries. And it is necessary to improve the process conditions, to protect the operator’s health.

What is the clean bench working theory?

The working theory  is to suck the air through the fan and then filter it through the high-efficiency filter through the static pressure box. Then the clean air will go out in the state in vertical or horizontal airflow. So the operating area is full of clean air, and this can achieve 100 cleanliness to form a sterile and high-clean working environment. 

What is the clean bench classification?

In general, there are two classifications as below:

  • Horizontal laminar flow clean bench: 

The airflow mode of the work area is horizontal laminar flow.

  • Vertical laminar flow clean workbench: 

It is a vertical laminar flow. Vertical laminar flow clean benches have single-sided vertical laminar flow clean benches and double-sided vertical laminar flow clean benches.

What are the materials?

Usually, the material of the clean bench is stainless steel. There are many strict requirements for a clean bench. First, they should be hard, durable, high-temperature resistance, and preservative. And the noise level should be less than 59dBA. 

How to maintain a clean bench?

To maintain the best performance, the initial setting of the equipment, daily operation, and maintenance are essential. Or else, the equipment will make the workbench run in an imperfect state.

Please follow below maintenance tips.

1.Tightness. Since the workbench adopts a structure where the negative pressure area surrounds the positive pressure contaminated area, what’s more, before the clean bench working, the operator should check the airtightness of the whole machine.

2. Use an anemometer to measure the wind speed in the work area regularly. If it does not meet the requirements of the technical parameters, you can adjust the power supply voltage of the fan.

3. When the fan voltage is maximum, and the working area wind speed still does not meet the requirements, you must change the high-efficiency filter.

Our company Youth is a professional clean room manufacturer in China. We mainly produce clean room air filters, cleanroom furniture.

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