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The Importance Of Cleanroom Safety Procedures

With the rapid development of medicine, electronics, and food, these industries have higher and higher requirements for factory buildings, production processes, and production environments. As a prerequisite guarantee for the aseptic and dust-free production of medicines, foods, and high-precision instruments, clean workshops have emerged at the historic moment, and cleanroom fire protection is an important part of cleanroom safety procedures.

Why is cleanroom fire protection so important?

  1. The architectural structure of the clean workshop

The clean workshop has temperature requirements in use. In addition to the temperature control equipment inside, you should consider the insulation design and construction of the workshop. However, out of interest considerations, the walls of the factory buildings now often use existing color steel plates with insulation foam or porous plastic at intervals. On the one hand, it increases the fire load of the factory building and greatly reduces the fire resistance limit of the wall. On the other hand, it also introduces the polymer materials that release dense smoke and toxic gas during combustion into the closed clean workshop, which greatly impacts the evacuation of personnel. 

  1. Evacuation is difficult

In cleanroom fire protection, the evacuation of personnel is crucial in dealing with fires. The clean workshop requires good sealing and is isolated from the outside world as much as possible to achieve the cleanliness requirements. Therefore, corresponding isolation measures are taken in any place that communicates with the outside world. First of all, when you enter the workshop, you should pass through the locker room, air shower, and preparation room. The design of multiple entrances and exits prolongs the evacuation time of personnel. Secondly, to reduce the influence of external dust and temperature on the factory building, the exterior wall of the factory building generally has fewer windows and doors, which makes it more difficult to evacuate. Third, most clean medicine, electronics, and food workshops are labor-intensive, especially packaging, assembly, etc. Most of the workshops are small and have many people, which can easily cause serious accidents of mass deaths, and injuries.

  1. Equipment layout in the clean workshop

The function space of the workshop is according to the requirements of the production process. In the pharmaceutical, chemical, electronic and other industries, the immutability of this function division is particularly prominent, which will cause certain dangerous techniques or dangerous equipment to directly affect the safety of buildings and personnel. 

Therefore, cleanroom fire protection plays an essential role in the cleanroom safety procedures, and we commend you put it into your cleanroom manual. Youthtech has been a professional cleanroom supply manufacturer in China since 2005, and our products include cleanroom air filters, purification equipment, cleanroom furniture, clean room panels.

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