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Something You Should Know About The Fan Filter Unit

The FFU is the abbreviation of the fan filter unit. As we know, it is the necessary equipment in the clean room. In this post, we will share with you some knowledge about the fan filter unit.

What is the fan filter unit?

The fan filter unit is a self-powered air supply filter device, a modular terminal air supply device with a filtering effect. The fan filter unit sucks in the air from the top and filters it by HEPA. The entire air outlet surface can send clean air.

The fan filter unit is necessary equipment for the clean room

The filteris the simplest purifying equipment consisting of a fan and HEPA filter and the most basic air purifying equipment. Due to the one-to-one correspondence between the HEPA filter and fan, a negative pressure area is formed outside the unit to enable a negative pressure sealing function. FFU may be used separately or in combination to achieve higher cleanness easily. FFU can improve the cleanliness of the sterile area greatly and is one of the ideal auxiliary equipment for the clean room.

The working principle of the FFU

The fan sucks the contaminated air through the top of the FFU, and the filtered clean air is sent out from the air outlet at a wind speed of 0.45m/s±20% to ensure the healthy breathing of the staff.

The advantages of FFU

1. The FF box body made of cold-rolled steel plate sprayed plastic, or stainless steel has an exquisite and firm structure and a beautiful appearance.

2. Direct-drive high-efficiency centrifugal fan is adopted, which has a long life, low noise, maintenance-free, low vibration, and adjustable speed.

3. It is suitable for assembling into an ultra-clean production line. Multiple units can be connected in series to form a 100-stage assembly line. Equipped with a high-efficiency filter is very convenient to replace.

The specific manifestations of FFU’s intelligence

1.There is an intelligent device in each FFU controller. Once the function setting of the device is over, it can work independently, and the staff can increase the number of the devices appropriately to enhance the system’s adaptability.

2.The staff can choose the method of the central control room when using it, that is, monitor the FFU through the computer. 

3.The LED can show the operating status and information of FFU. When the equipment fails, the alarm device will ring, and the staff can set the speed of FFU through the four buttons in the kit.

4.The controller in the FFU can be directly installed in the machine, The Centre Controller issues the running speed command, and the FFU controller receives the order and stores it in the system. It is also valid when running again, and there is no need to repeat the setting.

5.There is little wiring in the whole system of FFU, which is very convenient for future maintenance, and if the FFU occurs the problem, it will not affect other equipment.

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