VHP Aseptic Transfer Chamber

VHP Aseptic Transfer Chamber

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Product Details

VHP Aseptic Transfer Chamber integrates a vaporized hydrogen peroxide (VHP) generator to provide VHP gas to the inside of the pass box for biological decontamination treatment on the outer surface of the material to prevent the material from entering A from non-grade areas or low-grade clean areas , B-level critical areas bring pollution. It can be used for all kinds of clean and dry items that need to be delivered in aseptic production, including packaging materials, instruments, raw and auxiliary materials, accessories, environmental monitoring equipment, etc. that enter the A and B key areas.

VHP Aseptic Transfer Chamber Standard size & Performace Parameters

Model Overall size Working area size Air velocity Volumn (m³) Power Capacity Sterilant Sterilization cycle
L×W×H W×D×H  (m/s)
VHP-50 500×500×600 900×600×1925 0.36-0.54 0.15 AC220V ±22C/50Hz ± 1Hz 30% analytical
grade hydrogen
peroxide solution
>1 hour
VHP-60 600×600×700 900×700×2025 0.25
VHP-70 700×700×800 1000×800×2150 0.4
VHP-1 800×1000×1200 1300×1100×2150 1 2500W
VHP-1.5 1100×1100×1200 1600×1200×2150 1.5
VHP-2.5 1100×1300×1750 1560×1400×2335 2.5


Main Features

  • Inner chamber and tank with radius corners for better cleanability.
  • Tempering glass in doors provide a clear view of internal chamber.
  • Pneumatically interlocked doors ensure only one door can be open at one time when operating.
  • The main body of the transfer hatch is constructed of304L industrial-grade stainless steel.
  • Two operation modes:manual or automatic.?Siemens PLC control.
  • H14 grade HEPA filter Environmental friendly and leaving no harmful residues and lingering odor.
  • Low temperature decontamination. All detail info can be recorded, comply with GMP, USP standard.
  • Fault alarm function Bacteria killing rate can reach 6 log when take Bacillus stearothermophilus and Bacillus subtilis black variant as challenge.


  • Low temperature (18-26 ℃) compatible with Biologics
  • Faster process time ≤50min for 3 m³ chamber
  • Use 7% Analytical Reagent

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