Unidirection Flow Hood

Unidirection Flow Hood

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Product Details

Class A unidirectional flow hood (UFH), also called Laminar flow hood (LAF) is a type of air purifying equipment providing Class A unidirectional flow and thus creating a highly clean environment.

UFH is used for the protection of the filling/packaging operations of products that are sensitive to contamination, may be used separately or in combination. It can be designed to have an independent air return system or to connect with the current duct.

Standard size & Performance Parameters

Model Overall size  L×W×H Working area size L×W Upstream Rated air velocity  (m/s) Working area clean class  (grade) Noise (dB) Illumination  (Lx) Power (kW)
UFH-1260 1200×600×600 1200×600 0.45±20% A 65 300 0.3
UFH-1010 1000×1000×600 1000×1000 0.45
UFH-1212 1200×1200×600 1200×1200 0.6
UFH-2010 2000×1000×600 2000×1000 0.9
UFH-2012 2000×1200×600 2000×1200 1.2
UFH-2020 2000×2000×600 2000×2000 1.8


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