Pass Box

Pass Box

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Product Details

Pass box also called Transfer Hatch, include dynamic pass box and static pass box.

It is the perfect tool used for the transfer of materials / products between two areas of different classes in the cleanroom.

Youth Pass Box/Transfer Hatch are made of high quality Full SS304, the corners of the working area adopt circular arcs with a radius of 20mm for easy cleaning.

The doors are interlocked by magnetic device and provide a buffer area for transferring material/product through the room with different class.

Provided with UV germicidal lamp, or ozone generator sterilization system based on the user’s demand.

Standard size & Performance Parameters

Model Overall size L×W×H Working area size W×D×H  Clean class Upstream Rated air velocity  (m/s) UV sterilizer (W) Ozone Concentration (ppm) Noise (dB) Power(kW)
PB4-50 700×560×1000 500×500×500 A 0.45±20% 8 20~50 65 0.15
PB5-60 800×660×1100 600×600×600 15 0.15
PB6-70 1000×860×1300 800×800×800 15 0.15

  1. Frame
  2. DOP supply port
  3. Pressure differential gauge
  4. DOP test port
  5. Control panel
  6. Double glass door

Please turn to the Purification Equipment page to know more equipment.

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