Mist Shower

Mist Shower

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Product Details

Mist Shower/Fogging shower is now widely use in industries for decontamination from the cloths of the user. A mixture of air and water is spray on the cloths of the users. Comes with the microprocessor or PLC unit to control the whole process.

Our versatile mist shower are quite adept at controlling the level of contamination for particle sensitive processes such pharmaceutical drug testing and for research applications involving molecular biology and biochemical experiments, cell and tissue culture experiments etc.

The entire mist shower assembly is HEPA/ULPA filtered, pre-wired and tested, ready to use with a simple plug-in, therefore providing an unmatched ease of operation.

Standard size & Performance Parameters

Model Overall size   L×W×H Working area size  W×D×H Nozzles  quantity Power supply Power Consumption (KW)
MS11-120 1200×1000×2150 800×900×2000 6 AC/3N/


MS12-130 1300×1000×2150 800×900×2000 12 1.12
MS22-130 1300×1300×2150 800×1200×2000 16 2.2

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