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Product Details

MiniPleat HEPA/ULPA are used in the intake and recirculating air filtration for cleanrooms and in laminar flow hoods with ultra-stringent requirements for clean air and sterility. The MiniPleat HEPA technology employed ensures flow-friendly geometry and equidistance of the pleats, with homogeneous media velocity coupled with a very low-pressure drop. This means particularly cost-efficient and dependable operation plus a quasi-laminar outflow.

Available in all dimensions commonly encountered on the market.

Standard size & Performance Parameters

Type MP-E11 MP-H13 MP-H14 MP-U15
Class EN1822 E11 H13 H14 U15
Efficiency EN1822@ MPPS [%] >95 % >99,95 % >99,995 % >99,9995 %
Initial-ΔP[Pa]at nominal airflow 95 125 160 250
Rec. final pressure drop [Pa] 200 300 350 450
Max. temp. [°C] 80° 80° 80° 80°
Model  (E=efficiency) Width Height  Depth Nominal airflow [m3/h]
MP61061069-E (E11-U17) 610 610 69 1000
MP122061069-E (E11-U17) 1220 610 69 2000
MP117057070-E (E11-U17) 1170 570 70 1100
MP117087070-E (E11-U17) 1170 870 70 1750
MP1170117070-E (E11-U17) 1170 1170 70 2200

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