Hollow Glass Magnesium Panel

Hollow Glass Magnesium Panel

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Product Details

The regular thickness of Hollow glass magnesium panel is 50mm, use 0.42/0.5mm thickness of the steel plate, with hollow glass magnesium plate core material and double-coated steel plate. It has the advantages of convenient installation, time and material saving, good flatness, high strength, etc. It is especially suitable for ceiling and partition systems.

Specifications:Thickness (mm): 50-150mm;
Length (mm): Due to continuous molding production, the board length can be determined according to user needs
Width (mm): 1180 (1200)mm, 980 (1000)mm

Hollow Glass Magnesium Panel Core Material Performance:

  1. Strong fire resistance: The double-sided single-layer partition wall of this product has passed the fire aging test with ease. Various specifications of this product have reached CNS6532 Class I flame resistance and China GB / T8624-1997 Class A flame resistance.
  2. Good seismic performance: several layers of high-strength fiber class are designed inside the product, which can effectively absorb part of the seismic energy to prevent the partition wall from collapsing instantly.
  3. The surface is flat and scratch-resistant: This product introduces advanced production technology and formula from Europe and the United States. The plate produced has a flat surface and high hardness, and does not cause depressions and scratches due to the collision surface.
  4. Good safety performance: This product is 100% free of asbestos, no adverse effects of radiation, and no organic compounds harmful to the human body.
  5. Superior sound insulation performance: When this product is used as a partition wall, it can be filled with sound-absorbing cotton, and it’s sound insulation performance surpasses that of a single brick wall. At the same time, it increases the cooling and heating effect, saves energy, and improves economic efficiency.

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