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Product Details

HEPA box, also called filter housing, is the ideal terminal filter device for air conditioning systems requiring purification to meet the cleanroom level. It can provide a desired static pressure before airing the HEPA, thus making the air outlet uniformity. With the DOP test detection system, the HEPA can provide leakage detection on site.

One-piece bending design combined with only one side welding line ensures excellent leak-proof performance.

Airflow pipe can be connected directly through top access or side access with either circular or rectangular inlet.

Standard size & Performace Parameters

Model  HEPA Size


Box Size


Flange Size

of Duct


Height of Box


Hole size


HB 500 410×410×93 460×460×250 200×200 500 470×470
HB 1000 550×550×93 600×600×250 320×200 1000 610×610
HB 1500 650×650×93 700×700×250 320×250 1500 710×710

Please turn to the Purification Equipment page to know more equipment.

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