Gel-seal MiniPleat HEPA Filters

Gel-seal MiniPleat HEPA Filters

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Product Details

Gel-seal MiniPleat HEPA filters have a tank filled with gel, which is reliable and particularly suitable for workplaces for DOP test and leakage detection on site. This filter is mainly installed at the end of 0.3μm clean rooms and purifying equipment in the pharmaceutical industry to control particulates larger than 0.3μm and microorganisms in the clean room or equipment operating areas. Gel seal mini-pleat HEPA filters have side seal type and top seal type for options.

Available in all dimensions commonly encountered on the market.

Standard size & Performance Parameters

Model (E=efficiency) Width Height  Depth Nominal airflow [m³/h]
MP41041093-E (E11-U17) 410 410 93 500
MP55055093-E (E11-U17) 550 550 93 1000
MP65065093-E (E11-U17) 650 650 93 1500
MP106055093-E (E11-U17) 1060 550 93 2000
MP370370104-E (E11-U17) 370 370 104 500
MP510510104-E (E11-U17) 510 510 104 1000
MP610610104-E (E11-U17) 610 610 104 1500
MP1020510104-E (E11-U17) 1020 510 104 2000
Model (E=efficiency) Width Height  Depth Nominal airflow [m³/h]
MP61061069-E (E11-U17) 610 610 69 1000
MP122061069-E (E11-U17) 1220 610 69 2000
MP117057070-E (E11-U17) 1170 570 70 1100
MP117087070-E (E11-U17) 1170 870 70 1750
MP1170117070-E (E11-U17) 1170 1170 70 2200

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