Fiber Glass Paint Arrestor

Fiber Glass Paint Arrestor

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Product Details

The ceiling filter media pad uses several different specifications of non-silicon synthetic fiber, which takes the technology of carding, lapping, thermal shaping, and post-processing, etc.
The product has progressively structure and polyester reinforcement scrim or fiberglass mess adhesive on the air outlet which not only improves the filter media strength and stiffness but also ensures that fibers do not fall off.

Layered evenly, while increasing the accuracy of filter.
High-temperature resistance can be reached 100°C.

Standard size & Performace Parameters

Model Efficiency Initial-ΔP [Pa] FinalΔP [Pa] Nominal airflow


Air velocity Dust hold capacity (g/m²)
FP-C-560 F5 25 450 900 0.25 450
FP-C-660 F5 39 450 900 0.25 480
Please ask for other desired designs.

The fiberglass paint arrestor is an environmental filter with green and white color, the density is increased orderly and the bottom density is the largest. It is able to prevent the short fiber spread, to collect the dissociative particles and to protect the air circulation system and the ceiling filtration systems.

It is mainly used to absorb over dissociative particles and decrease pollution.

High-temperature resistance can be reached 170°C.

Fiber glass paint arrestor standard size & Performance Parameters

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