FFU blind plate

FFU blind plate

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Product Details

FFU blind plate is also called FFU aluminum alloy ceiling keel, ceiling blind plate, double-sided colored steel plaster blind plate or double-sided colored steel paper honeycomb blind plate. Most used in the rear flange of the liquid or gas valve for blocking. Especially when the valve leaks inside, the blind plate can prevent the liquid/gas from leaking to the place to be treated.

Attention when using FFU blanks:

  • The joints between the purification air-conditioning equipment and the cleanroom enclosure must be sealed;
  • The fixed frame structure of the filter screen prevents the FFU from deforming, rusting, falling off the paint film, and breaking the splicing board;
  • When the system is commissioned, a temporary intermediate-effect filter must be installed at the air inlet as protection.


Model Overall size (L×W×H) Air Volume
(m³/h)/ (m/s)
Initial resistance (Pa) Noise (dB) Power (kW)
Efficiency (H14)0.3μm
Efficiency (U15)0.1μm
FFU10-11757 1170×570×350 1000/0.45 100 160 57 0.18
FFU15-11787 1170×870×350 1500/0.45 60 0.25
FFU20-117117 1170×1170×350 2000/0.45 63 0.37

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