Clean Operation Bench

Clean Operation Bench

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Product Details

The clean operation bench is used for sampling, dispensing and weighing of small / large quantities of toxic products. protecting the operator from any contamination, confining the sampling / weighing / dispensing operation.
The clean operation bench is autonomous and easily moveable.

Available with PLC+ touch LCD screen or push button panel.

Standard size & Performance Parameters

Model Overall size  L×W×H Working area size W×D×H  Clean class Upstream Rated air velocity (m/s) Noise (dB) HEPA size L×W×D
CB10V-97.72D 970×720×1600 810×700×500 100 (A) 0.45±20% 65 760×610×70×1
CB15V-145.72D 1450×720×1600 1290×700×500 610×610×70×2
CB10H-97.82C 970×825×1500 810×650×600 760×610×70×1
CB15H-140.82C 1400×825×1500 1290×650×650 610×610×70×2

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