Bag Fine Filter

Bag Fine Filter

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Product Details

Bag fine filter is mainly used to filter and remove ≥1μm dust particles in the air conditioning system, protect the subsequent sub-high efficiency or high-efficiency filter, and prolong their service life. Based on different filter performance requirements, the filter media of bag filter may be multi-layer compound synthetic fiber bucket materials, synthetic fiber non-woven fabrics of different thicknesses, glass fiber cotton, etc. The efficiency stays constant even with varying airflows. Also, the bags are intrinsically stiff while being exposed to the airstream. In order to guarantee proper stability even with over-size filters.

Standard size & Performance Parameters

Type: BF-F7 BF-F8 BF-F9
Class EN779 F7 F8 F9
Average efficiency (Em) for 0.4µm particles 80% ≤ Em < 90% 90% ≤ Em < 95% 95% ≤ Em
Initial-ΔP [Pa] at nominal airflow 110 120 185




Dimension [mm]  Nominal airflow [m3/h] Pockets quantity
Width Height Depth 300 [mm] Depth 500 [mm] Depth 650 [mm]
BF592592D-E (F7-F9) 592 592 1570 2620 3400 8
BF490592D-E (F7-F9) 490 592 1300 2160 2800 6
BF287592D-E (F7-F9) 287 592 790 1210 1700 4
BF287287D-E (F7-F9) 287 287 400 660 850 4
BF592892D-E (F7-F9) 592 892 2360 3930 5100 8
BF287892D-E (F7-F9) 287 892 1180 1970 2550 4
Please ask for other desired designs. Bag quantity available from 1-12.

Please turn to the air filters page to know more equipment.

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