Air Shower

Air Shower

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Product Details

Air Showers are enclosed chambers placed at the entry and exit points of a cleanroom or other controlled environment.

Using high-velocity jets of air and HEPA or ULPA air filter systems, cleanroom air showers remove loose contaminants from people and products before they enter the cleanroom, reducing or eliminating product defects for increased yields.

Contaminants are easily transported by people and objects and a simple spec of lint or debris could cause issues in some cleanroom environments. Therefore, cleanroom air showers have become a vital component in maintaining the cleanliness of cleanrooms and other clean-critical environments.

Standard size & Performance Parameters

Model Overall size    L×W×H Working area size W×D×H Nozzles quantity Power supply Power Consumption (KW) HEPA size L×W×D
AS11-120 1200×1000×2150 800×900×2000 6 AC/3N/


0.75 610×610×69×1
AS12-130 1300×1000×2150 800×900×2000 12 1.12 610×610×69×2
AS22-130 1300×1300×2150 800×1200×2000 16 2.2 915×610×69×2

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