V-bank Medium Filter

V-bank Medium Filter

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Product Details

V-bank filters have been developed specifically for intake, exhaust, and recirculated air filtration in HVAC systems posing stringent requirements for clean air quality and cost-efficiency. Efficiency from M5 to H14 can be made in V-bank form.

The medium efficiency V-bank filters serve as pre-or main-filtration elements for environments with voluminous airstreams and/or when a long lifespan is necessary.

The rigid and corrosion-resistant plastic frame ensures easy disposal of the used filter because it is totally combustible. Existing bag filter stages can be easily upgraded by exchange due to the fact that the V-bank filter fits into standard bag filter mounting frames.

Full-size standard: 24-inch by 24-inch (WxH) in a depth of 12-inches
Frame (header frame) material: Recycled plastic
Media: Glass fiber, synthetic or glass fiber/activated carbon

Standard size & Performance Parameters

Type VS-M6 VS-F7 VS-F9
Class EN779 M6 F7 F9
Efficiency EN779 [%] 65 % 85 % 95 %
Initial-ΔP[Pa](A/B) 65 / 120 75 / 140 85 / 165
Rec. finalΔP 600 600 600
Max. temp. [°C] 65° 65° 65°

(E=efficiency N=V quantity)

Width Height  Depth Nominal airflow


V quantity
VS592592292-E (M6-F9) N5 592 592 292 3000 5
VS592592292-E (M6-F9) N4 490 592 292 2400 4
VS287592292-E (M6-F9) N4 287 592 292 1200 4

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