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Positive Pressure Clean Operating Room Surgery

The hospital cleanroom is a biological clean room. And it is also a tiny artificial environment that can reduce cross-contamination and reduce the infection rate.In this post, we will share the clean operating room your reference.
The main route of transmission of this epidemic was droplets attacking the respiratory system and mucous membranes through the air. Simultaneously, droplets were on the surface of objects and infected through human contact. There is also a risk of fecal transmission. The infection route can be said to be in multiple ways. Check our cleaning room supplies here.

Most hospitals now have clean rooms. Theoretically, the hospital’s biological cleanroom is an airtight body, and it has undergone reasonable zoning, process design, air purification, and other construction links, which can effectively reduce cross-infection. Control the spread of bacteria and viruses in the air. However, many social problems such as concept, plan, design, equipment configuration, construction technology, and so on existed at the beginning of construction. Some of our hospitals’ biological cleanrooms have potential deficiencies.

This epidemic outbreak is because some designated hospitals have already performed operations on infected patients admitted to the positive pressure clean operating room. Some hospitals have no negative pressure operating rooms with admitted patients who urgently need surgery and are already lying on the active bed. Here we listed some questions and answers for your reference and discussion.

1. Can the positive pressure clean operating room operate on patients infected by this epidemic?

This epidemic is a severe infectious disease. We recommended that such infected patients should in operation in a negative pressure operating room in principle. However, if some hospitals do not have a negative pressure operating room in the functional department, and the patient must perform surgery. Surgery is in a general operating room with a separate area. If there is no operating room, then “lifesaving first” can be arranged in the positive pressure clean operating room for surgery. But it is best to choose an operating room with an independent purification unit system. The operating room should be in an area where the operational department interferes with and has little influence on other operating rooms and the other regions. The isolation area and buffer area should be delineated before use, and clear signs should be set. The relevant disinfection management measures must be strictly followed to prevent the spread and infection of the virus before, during, and after surgery. The self-protection of medical staff should strictly follow the requirements of harmful pressure air infection. The mouth, eyes, nose, and wounded skin should not be exposed.

2. How to disinfect the purification unit system if an operation is performed on a severely infectious patient in a positive pressure clean operating room?

After the positive pressure, the clean operating room has undergone operations on patients with severe infectious diseases; the disinfection requirements are consistent with those of the negative pressure operating room. In addition to cleaning and disinfecting the walls, ceilings, floors, doors, vents, and all indoor facilities and equipment in the operating room, all gaps must be carefully cleaned and disinfected. In terms of purifying the air system, a professional team of professionals must protect the return air filter, circulating unit filter, HEPA box (or filter housing), high-efficiency filter terminal (; the exhaust system filter should be replaced, and the replaced filter should also be disinfected, sealed and then disinfected. Carry out careful and thorough disinfection of air ducts participating in circulation and discharge and fresh air supply ducts without check valves. It is best to use atomized hydrogen peroxide for air duct disinfection. It is also necessary to carry out disinfection and sterilization measures for the participating unit systems, mainly referring to the circulation unit, the inside and outside of the exhaust fan unit, and the computer room. Check our air filters here. 

3. What is the main difference between positive pressure clean operating room and negative pressure operating room?

The positive pressure clean operating room is a sterile operating room (Class I, II, III, IV). Its air system is composed of treated clean air + circulating clean air with different air changes + exhaust air. That is, there is fresh air, circulating air, and exhaust air. The starting sequence of the fan should be fresh air, circulation, and exhaust air. The volume of fresh air sent to the operating room is greater than the volume of exhaust air. The relative pressure in the operating room is greater than the pressure in the adjacent room. Its protection objects are mainly surgical patients. Because the exhaust vent of the clean operating room is primarily on the top of the operating room. The exhaust fan is a single fan system. The exhaust air does not need to have a high-efficiency filter, but only a primary filter or medium efficiency filter.
The negative pressure operating room is generally an operating room with no cleanliness level. Its air system comprises treated clean, fresh air + exhaust air, direct delivery, and direct exhaust. The fan’s starting sequence should be exhaust air, fresh air. And the fresh air volume to the room is less than the exhaust air volume. The relative pressure in the operating room is less than the relative pressure in the adjacent room. Its protection objects are mainly medical staff and the surrounding environment. The air outlet of the negative pressure operating room should stay at the lower end of the operating room’s sidewall, close to the patient’s head, and on the side of the top anesthesia work area. The exhaust fan system is a double fan. The exhaust air must be with a high-efficiency filter.

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