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Multi-person Cleanroom Air Shower Configurations You Should Know

Do you know how the air shower works? Our company Youthtech is the air shower manufacturers in China. And our cleanroom supplies include air filters, purification equipment, cleanroom panels, and cleanroom furniture.

In this post, we will share the air shower working principle with you. And what are the multi-person cleanroom air shower specifications?

The multi-person air shower functions and configurations

There are five kinds of air shower channels according to the door quantity. They are single door, double door, manual door, automatic door, and rolling door air shower channels. And according to the blowing method, there are three categories of the air shower: single blowing, double blowing, and triple blowing. 

The consists of a multi-person air shower system.

The multi-person air shower channel consists of a large box where fans and filters are in this box. And there is also a small box, the double blower shower room with nozzles is usually on this site. The number is the same as that of the large box. The lighting lamp is generally on the top plate, and the inner plate ss are usually stainless steel and sandboard. The double door body of the air shower room and other accessories include filter fan, intelligent circuit board, nozzle, lighting lamp, etc. 

What is the material of the air shower system?

According to the cost differences of the air shower rooms, there are two kinds of material. They are cold-rolled steel plates, multi-layer pickling electronics spraying, or all stainless steel composition. And the stainless steel specifications are SUS201, SUS304, etc. The thickness is generally between 0.8-1.5mm. Different types of air showers will have different prices and costs. The production of the air shower channel has relations with plate welding, which requires high welding technology and polishing technology for welders.

What is the working principle?

The high-pressure fan will press the air in the air shower area into the static pressure box. And the high-efficiency filter will filter the clean airflow and spray on the person from all directions by the rotatable nozzle. Therefore,  it can effectively and quickly remove dust particles. Finally, the dust particles will go through the primary and high-efficiency filters and return to the air shower area. 

What are the industrial applications?

The working site will determine the size of the multi-person air shower system tunnel. And the installation space can meet the needs of the particular area. The door curtain consists of lighter fabric and aluminum wind-resistant ribs. It’s fast in lifting speed, safe and reliable, convenient in and out, insect-proof, dustproof and convenient for large goods to pass into the workshop. This air shower system will apply to the light industry, food industry, electronics, medicine, storage, packing printing, chemical industry, cosmetics, and other industries. 

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