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How To Remove Dust From The Cleanroom?

A cleanroom environment plays an important role in the production process. As we know, the number of dust in the air can not exceed a certain standard in a cleanroom. The source of particles may be the staff, the processing process, and the equipment and devices, so we should constantly remove dust from the air. Youthtech is a professional cleanroom supply manufacturer in China since 2005. In this post, we will share with you how to remove dust from the cleanroom.

The tools you need to remove dust

  1. Cleaning and disinfection solution.
  2. Dust-free mop.
  3. vacuum cleaner for cleanroom.
  4. Dust-free wipes.
  5. Special bucket and wringer for a dust-free mop.

The work content of cleanroom cleaning

  1. Clean all work surfaces in a controlled environment.
  2. Clean the floor and work surface of every cleanroom furniture with a vacuum cleaner.
  3. Disposal of garbage and waste in a cleanroom.
  4. Clean door, door frame, pass box, and changing room with a special solution.
  5. Use the mop to clean the cleanroom floor.

The ways to remove dust from cleanroom

  1. Vacuum cleaning.

Vacuum cleaning can either use a centralized vacuum piping system for vacuum cleaning or use a portable automatic vacuum cleaner to complete the cleaning work.

  1. Use cleaning tools for wet cleaning.

During dry cleaning, particles that fall off the cleaning tools will fly everywhere and be blown by the airflow and charged with static electricity. Therefore, we usually take the wet cleaning in a cleanroom. Use cleaning tools to peel off dust particles from the surface and break down grease residues. Keep in mind that the purpose of cleaning is to remove the pollution in the cleanroom, not to move the pollution from one place to another, let alone carry the dustout.

The requirements when you remove dust

  1. Start from the clean area near the HEPA filter and advance to the dirty parts, such as exhaust gates, doors, and floor.
  2. Do not make a circle on the surface or move it back and forth.
  3. The cleaner should clean Vertical or inclined surfaces from top to bottom.

When cleaning and disinfecting the cleanroom, you should arrange the necessary time to prepare the tools.

How often do you remove dust?

Daily cleaning should be carried out 1-2 times every day and night or after manufacturing each batch of products. The frequency of cleaning is not dogma, but according to specific conditions. Each company can formulate its own cleaning rules according to its cleanliness, production, and nature. Increase the workload during regular cleanings, such as cleaners and disinfectant injectors. The general cleaning should include the cleaning of the walls, cleanroom furniture, and cleanroom equipment. 

In Youthtech, our products including all types of cleanrooms, cleanroom  air filterspurification equipmentcleanroom furniture, clean room panels, and the portable cleanroom for sale at the same time.

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