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How Much Do You Know About The Laboratory Furniture?

If you are a professional biotechnologist then you must have specialized furniture in your laboratory that can meet your needs. Laboratory furniture manufacturers customize the Laboratory Furniture to accommodate you in your workplace. Lab tables, benches, lab carts, etc. can be used for specific functions and this makes it important to choose the right furniture according to your laboratory requirements. The importance of lab furniture can be understood by its users.

  • Lab Benches

These benches can prove to be very critical and useful when dealing with chemicals and corrosive substances. These are made of steel and can hold up to 1600 pounds. Industrial-type benches are also available. Some come with surfaces covered with laminated to be used in workshops and garages. These are also stained, oil, water, or scratch-resistant.

  • Lab Furniture

Laboratory Furniture comes in a variety of sizes and styles according to their use. Medical students or professionals or scientists all need different types of furniture depending upon their work requirements. Medical laboratory furniture should be resistant to corrosive chemicals and substances. These may be made of steel, heavy-duty plastic, or sturdy. Lab furniture must be used and cleaned properly.

Some of the types of laboratory furniture are as follows

Brad Cole: These include combined laboratory shelves and benches.

Apparel Dispensers: Specialized holder containing clothing like gowns, gloves, and scrubs to wear within the laboratory area. These are located near the main entrance of the laboratory.

Carts: Carts can be used to transfer and move large or fragile equipment or volatile substances with ease.

Casework: You can have some built-in cabinets as well.

Balance shields: These are clear boxes used as covering for balances. They prevent distractions and create a hurdle from airflow. Hence, Balance shields are helpful inaccurate measurements.

Mini Hoods: These are similar to balance shields but these are fixed in position and have a small opening that can be closed after placing the substances to be measured inside.

Forensic cabinets: These come with multiple storage chambers and are used to hold and protect samples or evidence. Such cabinets also have specialized drains, locks on each chamber, and inbuilt venting systems.

Glove dispensers: Use them throughout the lab.

Laboratory Benches: These are long tables that are designed for experiments and are corrosion and heat resistant.

Fume hoods: These are used as ventilators (for air) within experiments.

General cabinets: Used for both general purpose and specialized storage with laminated tops to be used as lab benches.

Chemical cabinets: Used for chemical storage.

Shelving: Used to store excess materials which are not currently in use.

Mobile cabinets: As the name indicates these are moveable and have wheels.

Stools: Allow you to sit down and work properly with full concentration.

The features of laboratory furniture

Some key features of lab furniture are as follows:

  • Non- corrosive
  • Durable
  • High quality
  • Functions properly and easy to use
  • Chemical and heat resistant
  • Furniture finishing is excellent
  • Mobile and have wheels
  • Properly vent
  • Stain-resistant
  • Affordable

Youthtech is an excellent cleanroom manufacturer

We provide the best cleanroom design and every kind of laboratory furniture specially designed according to your unique needs with all key features lab furniture should have. We also provide modular laboratory furniture to assess you in your work as much as possible. Our furniture will also bring aesthetic beauty in comparison to traditional in-built infrastructure.

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