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How Much Do You Know About The Clean Room Air Shower?

To ensure the quality of products, many production workshops must be clean and dust-free. Since the high standard for cleanliness, the clean room air shower is necessary and important for a cleanroom.

What is an air shower?

The air shower is a highly versatile local purification equipment installed between the clean room and the non-clean room. When staffs and materials enter the clean room, they need to be blown through the air shower. The clean air blown out can remove the dust carried by staff and materials and can reduce the dust source from entering the clean room effectively.

The category of air showers.

1. According to the blowing direction of the air shower room, there is a single blowing shower room, double blowing shower room, three blowing shower room, top blowing shower room, single, double blowing shower room.

2. According to the degree of automation of the air shower room, there are intelligent voice air shower room, manual door air shower room, automatic door air shower room, single door air shower…

3. According to the different objects of the air shower room, there are air shower room, cargo shower room, air shower channel, cargo shower channel.

4. According to the different materials of the air shower room, there are all cold plate air shower rooms, outer cold plate inner stainless steel air shower room, all stainless steel air shower rooms.

The operating procedure of the air shower room.

1. The gowning requirements before you enter the air shower

(1)Tie your hair and put on the headgear to avoid exposed hair. 

(2)Put on a mask. 

(3)Wear clean clothes and clean shoes in a standing position and avoid contact with the dusty floor. 

(4)Wear gloves. The cuffs of the clothes should cover the mouth of the gloves. 

Then you can enter the air shower after you finished dressing. 

2. Operation of the air shower for the clean room.

(1)Staff from non-clean up areas into the door Air Shower.

(2)Open the outer door, entered the Air Shower after the subsequent closure of the outer door.

(3)Through infrared sensors, sensing area according to voice. Two-door locked automatically, Air Shower fans began to work.

(4)Time set by the wind after the shower, according to the voice inside, to open the door into the clean room.

3.The speed and angle of the clean room air shower.

The best wind speed  is ≥25m/s so that the wind speed can quickly remove the dust particles attached to the body. At the same time, the angle of the nozzle is generally about 30 degrees to 60 degrees.

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