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How Much Do You Know About High-Temperature Filter?

The filter is used to filter air and liquid and filter the suspended matter clean to achieve the user’s satisfaction. As a kind of purification equipment, the high-temperature filter is mainly used to filter various particulate matter such as soot and dust generated in the high-temperature sterilization tunnel of the pharmaceutical factory or the high-temperature drying room.

Separator filters are designed to meet demands for high loads and extended temperature ranges up to 280℃, can meet particularly stringent requirements for air purify, usually used in recirculating air equipment of drying processes in the automotive or pharmaceutical industry, process dependability, and cost-efficiency. At present, according to the efficiency of work, high-temperature-resistant filters can also be divided into two types, one is the primary filter, and the other is the high-efficiency filter, which users can choose at will.

The advantage of high- temperature filter

The structure design of the high-temperature resistant filter is reasonable, the style is a thin structure, it can hold more dust during use, and the cost of using the device is relatively low, which also reduces the cost for the majority of users and improves the cost-effective use.

Features of high-temperature filter

A High-temperature separator filter with a high mechanical load capacity can be used to filter suspended particles, including viruses, germs, poisonous dust, and aerosols, as well as in areas where nearly sterile or dust-free air is required. It keeps the environment clean and contaminant-free.

High-temperature filter material is spun-hooked glass fiber that is rolled into a paper-like sheet and pleated to increase the surface area of the filter.

There are many different types of high-temperature filters each although has the same function but have some features that make them distinct from others:


  • This specific filter has a 95% efficiency rate
  • The Initial delta P at the nominal airflow is about 125 m^3/h.


  • It is 99.95% efficient, thus keeping the area and environment quite sterile.
  • Initial delta P at the nominal airflow is that of 250 m^3/h 


  • It is extremely efficient, with a rate of over 99.995%. It has the highest efficiency rate and thus is best in keeping the environment clean.
  • The Initial delta P at the nominal airflow is 260 m^3/h

All three of them have different widths, heights, and depths. The maximum temperature that all three work is 120/optimum temperature of 280 degrees.

Which Industries are High-temperature Filters Used For?

Filters are designed to meet the demands for a full load, and extensive temperature varied up to 280°C, and can meet particularly strict criteria for air purification, and are commonly used in recirculating air equipment of drying processes as well as process reliability and cost-efficiency.

These filters are beneficial to many industries. Two of the industries that make use of the filters are pharmaceutical and automobile.

Pharmaceutical industries: these powerful filters are beneficial as they help keep the environment super clean and contaminant-free.

Automobile industries: they are useful in automobile industries for ventilation and air conditioning purposes.

There are a number of filter options on the market, but we prefer using Youthtech’s high-temperature filter. If you’re interested in learning more about these devices, visit our website to learn more!

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