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How Much Do You Know About Clean Room Applications?

With the development of industry technology and the improvement of cleaning technology, more and more industry manufactures applied clean rooms to industrial production. Therefore, this post, we will share with you about the clean room applications.

Youthtech is a professional clean room supply manufacturer in China since 2005. Our products include clean room air filters, purification equipment, clean room furniture, clean room panels. Ok, let’s dive into the post.

What is the clean room?

The clean room is a controlled environment where pollutants as airborne microbes, dust, and aerosol particles are filtered out in order to provide the cleanest area possible. In other words, a clean room environment is dust-free. 

In order to ensure the quality of product, many manufacturing workshops must be dust-free, manufacturers in various fields have adopted clean rooms into the production process.

So the clean room applications are very common. Clean rooms in different industries have their own characteristics, different uses, different materials, different engineering designs, and different construction procedures.

Clean rooms are very different from ordinary production workshops and laboratories.

For clean rooms, continuous adjustments can be made according to different production requirements, and different production processes have different requirements for the isolation environment of the clean room.

The clean workshop controls the cleanliness, temperature, and humidity of the atmosphere that the products are exposed to so that the products can be produced and manufactured in a good environment.

The working principle of clean room

Airflow→primary purification→humidification section→heating section→surface cooling section→medium-efficiency purification→fan air supply→pipeline→high-efficiency purification air outlet→blowing into the room→take away dust and bacteria and other particles→return air shutters→primary purification repeat the above process can achieve the purpose of purification.

Cleanroom classification by purpose

Industrial clean room for the control of inanimate particles.

It mainly controls the pollution of the work object by air dust particles, and the interior generally maintains a positive pressure.

It is suitable for the precision machinery industry, electronic industry, such as semiconductor, integrated circuit, etc.,

aerospace industry, high-purity chemical industry, atomic energy industry, Opto-magnetic product industry, LCD, computer disk, and many other industries. 

Biological clean room:

To control the pollution of working objects by living and inanimate particles. There are:  

A. General biological clean room, mainly to control the pollution of microbial objects. At the same time, its internal materials must be able to withstand the erosion of various sterilizing agents, and the interior generally maintains positive pressure. Essentially, an industrial clean room whose internal materials can withstand various sterilization treatments.

B. Biological safety clean room: It mainly controls the pollution of living particles to the outside world and people. The interior must maintain a negative pressure with the atmosphere.

It ‘sure there will be more and more industries will adopt the clean rooms into industrial production in future.

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