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Daily Maintenance Of Clean Room

In recent years, the clean room industry has experienced rapid development in technology and market scale. At present, the clean room has entered various industrial branches in various fields such as scientific research and experiment, electronics and microelectronic, automobile industry, and food industry. The fields have their own clean room design and technical specifications, but the daily maintenance of the clean room is similar. This article can be used as a reference for the users of the clean room supplies.

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I Do a good job in clean room purification equipment management

There are many purification equipments in the clean room, such as FFU, HEPA filter, air shower room, LAF, pass box, cargo shower room, cleanroom doors and windows, etc. Good management of this purification equipment is one of the important factors to ensure the cleanliness of the clean room.

1, Filters

The primary and medium-efficiency filters are set to extend the life of high-efficiency filtration and can remove larger dust particles in the air. When in use, check the primary and middle-efficiency filters once a month to see if the final resistance is reached, and clean or replace it after reaching it. Generally speaking, the fresh air filter outside the air conditioner box should be replaced once a week, the primary filter in the air conditioner box should be replaced once a month, the medium efficiency filter should be replaced every quarter, and the nylon mesh filter in the return air column should be cleaned monthly once.
High-efficiency filter (HEPA) is set up to ensure the cleanliness of the clean room and is used to remove particles above 0.3μm. The life of the HEPA depends on the pressure difference and cleanliness of the workshop. Generally, it can be used for at least 8000 hours. HEPA filter is a terminal filter that needs to be tested for leaks to ensure that the seal is absolutely reliable. It should be checked every six months during use. And it should be replaced when the final resistance is reached. (generally, the final resistance is twice the initial resistance, and the pressure difference is observed before and after the filter)

2, Air shower

The air shower room is a facility where people and materials are blown off the surface of human body and object with high-speed clean airflow before people and materials enter the clean room. It is the boundary and barrier between the clean area and the non-clean area. The two doors of the air shower room are interlocked and cannot be opened at the same time. The use of the air shower room must be strictly in accordance with the relevant regulations, and it cannot be used by overcrowded personnel. The door cannot be forced to open during the blowing process. The blowing wind speed of the air shower room is generally greater than 25m/s. Frequently wipe the surface of the air shower room to keep it clean, and regularly monitor the wind speed and dust concentration at the nozzle outlet. When the wind speed is significantly reduced, less than 18m/s or the high-efficiency resistance is greater than 300Pa, it should be replaced with high-efficiency. The 700-hour cumulative use of the initial effect should be replaced.

II Personnel and process management

Set up full-time clean room management personnel to conduct personnel and process management. Operators should follow the following points of attention in the clean room:

1, The personnel entering the clean room strictly follow the personal purification process (changing shoes, washing hands, changing clothes, blowing and showering) and control the number of people, and irrelevant personnel are not allowed to enter. Dress strictly in accordance with the regulations in the clean room, and keep your hair out of the hat.

2, When the operator works in the clean room, everything is done in accordance with the operating regulations, and no dust-prone and large-scale actions are made.

3, In order not to interfere with the air flow, no objects should be placed on the upstream side of the work area, and no other work should be performed.

4, Items not related to production and easy to produce dust should not be brought into the clean room.

5, Non-productive activities such as smoking and eating are strictly prohibited in the clean room

III Do the daily cleaning and cleaning of the clean room

The clean room should be cleaned and cleaned after the end of the shift operation. If it is necessary to clean before production, it is necessary to pay attention to the process operation after the clean room purification system reaches the self-cleaning time. The floor, operating table, and air shower equipment must be cleaned once a day. The walls, ceilings, doors and windows must be cleaned once a week, and the return air column must be cleaned once a month.
In order to prevent cross-contamination, the tools for cleaning the clean room should be dedicated to areas with the same cleanliness level. Purified water should be used for wiping. Where there are special requirements, organic solvents such as sprinkling can also be used for wiping. If the purification system is shut down for more than 24 hours during holidays, the system must be turned on for more than 30 minutes to perform production operations.

In order to ensure the normal operation of the clean room, we must strictly implement the relevant regulations when using the clean room, and pay attention to daily maintenance, and do the long-term and meticulous work of clean room maintenance, so that the clean room can achieve the desired effect.

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