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Cleanroom Supplies: Characteristics Of Food/ Industry

We are the clean room supplies manufacturer in China, our main products are air filter, purification equipment, cleanroom furniture, cleanroom panel system.

Cleanroom Supplies For Food Industry:

In China there is a saying: Food is the first and foremost sustenance in people’s lives. Diseases are imported from the mouth. Therefore, the safety and hygiene of the food industry occupy an important position in our daily life.

The safety and hygiene of food mainly need to be controlled in three aspects: one is to control the standardized operation of production personnel; the second is to control the external environmental pollution (it is necessary to establish a relatively clean operating space. The third is to eliminate problematic product materials from the source.

The area of the food production workshop is compatible with the production, the layout is reasonable, and the drainage is unblocked; the floor of the workshop is constructed with non-slip, firm, impervious, and corrosion-resistant materials, and is flat, free of stagnant water, and kept clean; the outlet of the workshop and connected to the outside world Drainage and ventilation are equipped with anti-rodent, anti-fly, and anti-insect facilities.

The walls, ceilings, doors and windows in the workshop are constructed with non-toxic, light-colored, waterproof, mildew-proof, non-shedding, and easy-to-clean materials.

Wall corners, ground corners, and top corners should have a radian (the radius of curvature should not be less than 3cm). The operating table, conveyor belt, transport vehicle, and tools in the workshop should be made of non-toxic, corrosion-resistant, non-rusting, easy to clean and disinfect, and strong materials.

Sufficient hand-washing, disinfection, and hand-drying equipment or supplies should be installed in appropriate places, and the faucet should be non-manual switch.

According to the needs of product processing, there should be disinfection facilities for shoes, boots and wheels at the entrance of the workshop. There should be a dressing room connected to the workshop. According to the needs of product processing, toilets and shower rooms connected to the workshop should also be set up.

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