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Cleanroom Suppliers: Characteristics Of Printing & Packaging Industry

Youth is the cleanroom suppliers in China, our main products are air filter, purification equipment, cleanroom furniture, cleanroom panel system. In this post,we will share with you about the characteristics of printing & packaging industry

With the development of society, the products of the printing industry and packaging industry have also been improved. Large-scale printing equipment has entered the purification workshop, which can greatly improve the quality of printed products and the qualification rate of products has also risen sharply. This is also the best integration between the purification industry and the printing industry.

Printing mainly reflects the temperature and humidity of the product in the coating space, and the amount of dust particles, which directly plays an important role in the quality and pass rate of the product. The packaging industry is mainly reflected in two aspects of food packaging and pharmaceutical packaging. For the temperature and humidity of the space environment, the amount of dust particles in the air, and the quality of water. Of course, standardized operating procedures for production personnel are also important.

Dust-free spraying is an independent closed production workshop composed of steel sandwich panels, which can effectively filter the pollution of products from bad air environment and reduce the defective rate of dusty products in the spraying area. The application of dust-free technology has further improved the appearance quality of products, such as TV/computer, mobile phone shell, DVD/VCD, game console, video recorder, PDA handheld computer, camera shell, audio, hair dryer, MD, makeup and combination, Toys and other artifacts. Process: loading area → manual dust removal → electrostatic dust removal → manual/automatic spraying → drying area → UV paint curing area → cooling area → silk screen area → quality inspection area → receiving area.

Packing plant — food

In order to prove that the food packaging dust-free workshop works satisfactorily, it must be proved that it meets the requirements of the following standards:

1. The air supply in the dust-free workshop of food packaging is sufficient to dilute or eliminate indoor pollution.
2. The air in the food packaging dust-free workshop flows from the clean area to the poorly clean area, and the flow of contaminated air is minimized, and the air flows in the correct direction at the door and in the indoor building.
3. The air supply in the dust-free workshop of food packaging will not significantly increase indoor pollution.
4. The movement state of the indoor air in the food packaging dust-free workshop can ensure that there is no high concentration gathering area in the dense room. If the clean room meets the requirements of these guidelines, the particle concentration or microbial concentration (if necessary) can be measured to confirm that it meets the required clean room standards.

Cleanroom Suppliers: Test in the clean room of food packaging:

1.Air supply and exhaust air volume: If it is a turbulent clean room, the air supply and exhaust air volume must be measured. If it is a one-way flow clean room, the wind speed must be measured.

2. Airflow control between areas: To prove that the direction of airflow movement between areas is correct, that is, from a clean area to an area with poor cleanliness, it is necessary to check:
(1) The pressure difference in each section is correct;
(2) The direction of air movement at the doorway or openings on the wall, floor, etc. is correct, that is, it flows from the clean area to the poorly clean area.

3. Filter leak detection: The high-efficiency filter and its outer frame must be inspected to ensure that suspended pollutants will not pass through:
(1) Damaged filter;
(2) The gap between the filter and its outer frame;
(3) Other parts of the filter device invade the room.

4.Isolation and leak detection: This test is to prove that suspended pollutants do not penetrate the building materials into the clean room.

5.Indoor airflow control: The type of airflow control test depends on the airflow pattern of the clean room-turbulent flow or unidirectional flow. If the airflow in the clean room is turbulent, it must be verified that there is no area with insufficient airflow in the room. If it is a one-way flow clean room, it must be verified that the wind speed and direction of the entire room meet the design requirements.

6.Suspended particle concentration and microbial concentration: If the above tests meet the requirements, finally the particle concentration and microbial concentration (if necessary) are measured to verify that they meet the technical conditions of the clean room design.

7. Other tests: In addition to the above pollution control tests, sometimes one or more of the following tests must be performed: temperature; relative humidity; indoor heating and cooling capacity; noise value; illuminance; vibration value.

Packing plant — drug packaging

Dust-free workshop for drug packaging

1. Environmental control requirements from cleanroom suppliers:

(1) Provide the level of air purification required for production. The number of air dust particles and live microorganisms in the purification project of the packaging workshop should be regularly tested and recorded. The static pressure difference between packaging workshops of different grades should be kept within the specified value.

(2) The temperature and relative humidity of the purification project of the packaging workshop should be compatible with its production process requirements.

(3) The production area of penicillin, high allergenic and anti-tumor drugs should be equipped with independent air-conditioning system, and the exhaust should be purified.

(4) Effective dust-catching devices should be installed in rooms where dust is generated to prevent cross-contamination of dust.

(5) For auxiliary production rooms such as storage, the ventilation facilities and temperature and humidity should be compatible with the requirements of drug production and packaging.

2. Cleanliness zone and air change frequency from cleanroom suppliers:

The clean room should strictly control the air cleanliness, and the environment temperature, humidity, fresh air volume and pressure difference and other parameters.
(1) Purification level and number of air changes in the drug production and packaging workshop The air cleanliness of the purification project of the drug production and packaging workshop is divided into 4 levels: 100, 10,000, 100,000, and 300,000. To determine the number of air changes in the clean room, compare the various air volumes and take the maximum value. In practice, the number of air changes for class 100 is 300-400 times/h, class 10,000 is 25-35 times/h, and class 100,000 is 15-20 times/h.

(2)The cleanliness of the purification project of the pharmaceutical packaging workshop is divided according to the national standard of cleanliness.

(3) Determination of other environmental parameters of the purification project of the packaging workshop.

(4) The temperature and relative humidity of the clean room temperature and relative humidity of the purification project of the packaging workshop should conform to the pharmaceutical production process.
Temperature: 20~23~C for class 100 and 10,000 (summer), 24~26~C for class 100,000 and 300,000, and 26~27~C for general areas. Class 100 and Class 10,000 are sterile rooms. Relative humidity: 45-50% of hygroscopic drugs (in summer), 50%-55% of solid preparations such as tablets, 55%-65% of water injection and oral liquid.

(5) Clean room pressure To maintain indoor cleanliness, it is necessary to maintain positive indoor pressure. For clean rooms that produce dust, harmful substances, and produce penicillin-like highly allergenic drugs, external pollution must be prevented or relative negative pressure must be maintained between areas. The inflow of static pressure dyeing and the outflow of internal air in rooms with different cleanliness levels. It is necessary to maintain a positive pressure indoors, with a difference of more than 5Pa from the adjacent room, and the static pressure difference between the clean room and the outdoor atmosphere is more than 10Pa.

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