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Cleanroom Manufacturing Environment In Common Industries

With the development of science and technology, clean industrial technology becomes an indispensable and important technology for modern industrial production. However, each industry has its own clean room environment rules. Since the large gap between various sectors, the content and indicators for clean room environment control are different. In this post, we will share with you some knowledge about the requirements of common industries for a cleanroom manufacturing environment.

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Cleanroom manufacturing environment for the machinery and fine chemical production

With the development of science and technology, the production and processing of many industrial products have high requirements on the dust concentration of the production environment. For example, in the film’s production, if the film is contaminated by dust, the pH will change, affecting the film’s photosensitive performance.

The manufacturing environment requirements of semiconductor clean room

The purification of semiconductor materials is an important process for developing semiconductor devices, such as Intel cleanroom. Since the requirements of large-scale integrated circuits to obtain high-purity silicon materials, the high purity of raw materials and intermediates and the cleanliness of the production environment have become major problems affecting product quality.

The pass rate of integrated circuit chips is related to its defect density, and the defect density is associated with the number of particles in the air. Therefore, the rapid development of integrated circuits has extremely high requirements for controlling the size of particles in the air and needs to manage the number of particles; meanwhile, there are strict requirements for controlling chemical pollution in the production environment VLSI.

Cleanroom manufacturing environment requirements for cosmetics and food production

Most modern cosmetics contain protein, vitamins, amino acids, plant extracts, etc. These components provide favorable conditions for the growth and reproduction of bacteria, molds, and other microorganisms. Therefore, microbial contamination is an important factor affecting the quality of cosmetics.

The control objects of the clean room used in the cosmetics production process are mainly dust particles and microorganisms, which are similar to the clean room requirements for pharmaceutical production. At present, the cleanliness level of the clean room for cosmetics production is according to the GMP regulations of drugs.

In the production process of food factories, strict management of facilities is an important means to ensure the safety and sanitation of food and prevent food poisoning caused by pathogenic coliforms and salmonella or the mixing of mold in beverages.

Clean rooms provide a controlled environment that meets production requirements and directly affects the quality of products. However, because various industries have different requirements for the cleanliness degree of clean rooms, clean room designing should ensure the cleanroom manufacturing environment meets the clean room standards.

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