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Clean Room Supply Manufacturers:What Is A Clean Room?

A cleanroom is an environment in which several parameters control, monitor, and maintain: Contamination, Pressurization, Temperature and humidity, Personal access. We are the clean room supply manufacturers in China, in this post, we will share the knowledge about the clean room. Check this post for more details. Our company Youth is a professional clean room supplies manufacturer, our products mainly include clean room air filter, clean room equipment, and clean room furniture.

What is contamination?

Contamination is anything that can corrupt a process or render a product impure by either touching or mixing with it. Common contaminants include solids, liquids gases, organic and non-organic matters, airborne and surface particles, statical changes +/-.
What creates contamination?
People are the primary source of contamination, skin flakes, oil, saliva, hair, sweat, closing debris. Materials also generate contamination, like duct tape, cardboard, pencil, paint, drywall, etc.

How is cleanroom contamination measure?

Cleanroom contamination is measured by the number of airborne particles present within a cubic foot of air. Particles are measured in microns (um). A micron is equal to 1/1,000,000 of a meter or about .00004 inches. Cleanrooms will classify by the amount of micron-size particles in one cubic foot of air. Two standards of measurement are widely used today as a basis for cleanroom classification.

Standard 209E denotes the number of 0.5 um (or 1/2-sized micron) particles or large permitted per cubic foot of air. For instance, a class 100 cleanroom has at most 100 1/2-sized micron particles permission within a cubic foot of air. In 2001, ISO14644-1 replaced the Federal standard 209E as the basis for cleanroom classification. Fed STD209E measured 0.5um particles and, more considerable, ISO 14644-1 takes into account even smaller particles, providing a more precise basis of measurement. ISO14644-1 classifies as a cleanroom based on the number of particles ranging from 0.1um over 5um per cubic meter of air.

The word cleanroom can take on many different meanings. People often associate the word “cleanroom” with very sophisticated controlled environments. For instance, nanotechnology and precision microelectronics industries often require tight control of the amount and size of air particles in the air and temperature, humidity, electrical conductivity, electromagnetic interference, cleanliness of interior components, etc. Conversely, an enclosure to house a coordinate measuring machine may only require slightly cleaner air than that of an average room, as well as temperature and humidity control. Therefore, different classes of cleanrooms exist to denote how “clean” an environment has to be. Many “cleanrooms” do not need to meet any standards but exist to improve product yield, protect sensitive equipment, control processes, or impress clients.

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