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Clean Room Manufacturers: Characteristics Of Optoelectronics

Youth is the clean room manufacturers in China, our main products are air filter, purification equipment, cleanroom furniture, cleanroom panel system. In this post, we will share with you about the clean room supplies characteristics of optoelectronics.

Introduction Of Optoelectronics From Clean Room Manufacturers:

Dust-free workshops for optoelectronic and optical products are generally applicable to industries such as electronic instrumentation, computers, semiconductor factories, automobile industry, aerospace industry, photolithography, and microcomputer manufacturing. In addition to air cleanliness, they must also ensure that they meet the requirements of static electricity. Below we take the most representative modern LED industry as an example to introduce the dust-free purification workshop of the optoelectronic optics industry.

Case analysis of the installation and construction of the LED purification workshop: In this design, it refers to the installation of some clean and dust-free workshops of the end process, and the purification and cleanliness is generally 1,000 or 10,000 or 100,000 clean and dust-free workshop installations.

The installation of backlit screen dust-free workshops is mainly the clean and dust-free workshops such as stamping workshops and assembly of such products, and the cleanliness is generally 10,000 or 100,000 clean and dust-free workshops. Requirements of indoor air parameters for the installation of LED dust-free workshops:

1.Temperature and humidity requirements:

The temperature is generally 24+2°C, and the relative humidity is 55+5%.

2. Fresh air volume:

Since there are many people in this kind of clean room, the following maximum value can be selected according to the following values: 10-30% of the total air volume in the non-unidirectional flow clean room; compensation indoor exhaust air and the amount of fresh air required to maintain the positive pressure value in the room; ensure that the amount of fresh air per person per hour in the room ≥ 40m3/h.

3. Large air supply volume.

In order to meet the cleanliness and heat and humidity balance of the dust-free purification workshop, a larger air supply volume is required. For a workshop of 300 square meters, the ceiling height is 2.5 meters. If it is a 10,000-level clean dust-free workshop, the air supply volume is only The air supply volume of 300*2.5*30=22500m3/h is required (the number of air changes is ≥25 times/h); if it is a 100,000-level clean dust-free workshop, the air supply volume needs to be 300*2.5*20=15000m3/ The air supply

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