How Does A Fume Hood Work In Cleanroom?

So many great devices have been invented, developed and now are in use; Fume hood is for sure one of them. Want to know about fume hood? Well, this article covers everything from what a fume hood is to its functions. KEEP READING! What is a Fume Hood? A fume hood is a sort of […]

About The Modular Clean Booth, How Much Do You Know

What is modular clean booth? Ever-increasing dust, smoke, smog, debris, and other contamination have diverted attention toward advanced clean booths. A modular clean booth is a unique environment free from airborne contamination. One of the main perspectives of using modular cleanrooms in growing industries and businesses is to make a contamination-free positive system through ULPA and […]

A Complete Guide To The Bag In Bag Out Filter System, You Need To Know


The Filter System is very important for the cleanroom. The bag-in-bag-out is designed to meet laboratory workbench requirements, offering effective protection from airborne particles and reducing environmental pollution. Its principle is employed, ensuring that no contamination occurs in the process of filtering the air. The efficiency of this principle has been proven in many years […]

About The Common Cleanroom Products, How Much Do You Know?

Do you want relief from airborne microbes or require a standard sterile environment at your place? If yes, cleanroom plays a crucial role in this regard. Cleanrooms are the basic need, especially for manufacturing electronics, pharmaceutical products, and medical equipment. For example, if you have been making something that has clear chances of being contaminated […]

About The Cleanroom Benches, You Need To Know

Cleanroom furniture is identical for qualifying beneficial results from any critical applications. Every organization tends to grab high-quality furniture range for fulfilling its purposes. One of the most crucial objects among diverse furniture range is cleanroom benches. They play a vital role whether a medical expert prepares medicines or a mobile phone charger develops in these […]

How Much Do You Know About The Laboratory Equipment?

Whether you want to conduct laboratory tests or research on specific subjects, laboratory equipment plays a vital role in this whole process. Many industries such as Research labs, Diagnostic testing in medical labs, Research and development, Quality assurance, Manufacturing, and Educational labs utilize this equipment for accomplishing their needs. Are you confused about what are […]

Something You Need To Know About The Chemical Fume Hoods

Do you want to control exposure to hazardous chemicals? Or do you need an enclosure device for mechanical ventilation? Or do you require only the insertion of arms and hands of users for accomplishing laboratory tasks? For fulfilling all the above purposes, chemical fume hoods are the ultimate solution. Most laboratories prefer to utilize fume […]

How Much Do You Know About The Laboratory Workbench?

Laboratory tables and laboratory workbench are the basic need of any lab. The experimenter cannot perform any functions properly without these benches. Whether we talk about the chemicals making process or analyzing substances through a microscope, every action performs with the assistance of workbenches. Therefore, it is crucial from every college to hospital. Have you […]