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Air Shower Factory-The Essential Way To The Clean Area

  1. What is the air shower room?
    The essential way to the clean area from the air shower factory
    The AIR SHOWER is a highly versatile local purification equipment in which people or cargo spaces enter the clean area and are blown out by a fan through the air shower nozzles to blow off the dust on the surface of people or objects. Therefore, the air shower room is arranged before entering the clean area in the food/ semiconductor/ pharmaceutical industry. What is the role of the air shower? What is it? Today let’s l talk about this!

2. What is the use of the air shower? 

In the clean area, under dynamic conditions, the biggest source of bacteria and dust is the operator.

Before the operator enters the clean area, he must use clean air to blow off the dust particles attached to the surface of his clothes, the air shower act as an airlock.

The air shower room is necessary purification equipment for personnel entering the clean area and dust-free workshop. It has strong versatility and is suitable for all clean areas and clean workshops.

When the staff enters the workshop, they must pass this equipment and use strong clean air.,

The rotatable nozzles are sprayed on the person from all directions, effectively and quickly removing dust, hair, dandruff, and other debris attached to the clothes, which can reduce the pollution problems caused by people entering and leaving the clean area.

The air shower room can be used as an airlock room to prevent external pollution and unpurified air from entering the clean area. Thus it can prevent staff from bringing hair, dust, and bacteria into the workshop, meet the strict dust-free purification standards of the workplace, and produce high-quality products.

3. Types of the shower from the air shower factory.

Usually, the air shower room can be divided into:
First, Single blow type:
One side plate has nozzles, which is suitable for factories with low requirements, such as food packaging or beverage processing, large barrel water production, etc.

Second,  Double blowing type:
One side panel and top panel have nozzles, therefore it is suitable for domestic food processing enterprises, such as pastry making, dried fruit, and other small-scale enterprises

Third, three blow type:
There are nozzles on the two side plates and the top, which is suitable for industries with high requirements such as high-precision instruments.

The air shower room can be divided into stainless steel air shower room, steel air shower room, stainless steel air shower room inside the outer steel plate, color steel air shower room, and stainless steel air shower room inside the outer color board. 
A Color steel plate air shower room,
It is suitable for workshops with a dry environment and few users, however, the price is low.

B, Cold-rolled steel sheet air shower room
(Pickling phosphating electrostatic spraying), suitable for electronic factories, with a large number of users. Because the door is made of stainless steel, it is very durable, but the price is relatively moderate.

C. Stainless steel plate air shower room (SS304),
It is suitable for food processing, medical, and health care product processing industries. The workshop environment is relatively humid but will not rust. (Refer to Youth purification air shower room)

The air shower room can be divided into an intelligent voice air shower room, automatic door air shower room, explosion-proof air shower room, and fast-rolling door air shower room. 

4. About the  structure

1) The air shower room’s component of a box, a stainless steel door, and a high-efficiency filter, a blower, a power distribution box, and nozzles.
2) The bottom plate of the air shower room is made by bending and welding SS plates.
3) The overall body is made of a high-quality stainless steel plate, while some use a cold steel plate with an electrostatic sprayed surface). The inner bottom plate is made of stainless steel plate for wear resistance and easy to clean.
4) The main material and dimensions of the cabinet can be customized according to customer requirements.

5. How to use the air shower room? Check the point from the air shower factory. 

1) For example, enter the air shower room, tidy up your clothes and hats, 
2)After that, open the door of the air shower
3)In addition, enter the air shower, close the door, the air shower will be automatically run for set time
4)At last, after the air shower is over, the other side door can be opened.

In addition, the use of the air shower room should also pay attention to the following:

1. Generally, the length of the air shower room is up to the number of people in the workshop. For example, if there are about 20 people in the workshop, you can choose to pass 1 person at a time, so that more than 20 people can pass in about 10 minutes. If there are about 50 people in the workshop, you can choose one that passes 2-3 people each time, and that of 100 people in the workshop can choose one that passes 6-7 people each time. If the number of people in the workshop is about 200 people, you can choose a corridor-style air shower. , Which means that people walk directly from inside without staying, which can greatly save time.

2. Please keep the air shower room away from high-speed dust sources and seismic sources. Please do not wipe the cabinet with volatile oil, thinner, corrosive solvent, etc., so as not to damage the paint layer or cause discoloration. The following places are not available: low temperature, high temperature, high humidity, condensation, dusty, oily smoke, and fog.

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