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About The Fire Facilities Of Clean Workshops You Should Know

In production activities, the difference between clean workshops and other industrial plants is that the production processes in clean workshops have stricter requirements for air cleanliness, such as important instrumentation precision workshops, electronics, and medical workshops. In this post, we recommend that you prepare your cleanroom with the following fire facilities

The clean workshops are tightly closed, and most of them are windowless workshops. In the event of a fire, it is difficult to evacuate and extinguish people. At the same time, clean workshops cost a lot, and cleanroom equipment is all expensive. Once a fire occurs, economic losses will be huge.

Therefore, clean workshops have high requirements for fire protection. When you design the cleanroom workshops, you must consider certain fire facilities equipped with workshops. Youthtech has been a professional cleanroom supply manufacturer in China since 2005. 

Firewater supply facilities

Firewater supply facilities mainly refer to indoor and outdoor fire hydrant systems and automatic sprinkler systems. Gas fire extinguishing facilities are better for rooms with valuable equipment and instruments in the workshop, where water will cause serious losses or secondary damage to the room.

Automatic fire alarm system

The automatic fire alarm system is very important because it can detect the initial fire and monitor and control the operation status of the mechanical fire-fighting facilities in the building. It is convenient to reliably cut off the non-fire-fighting power supply and start the fire facilities when a fire occurs.

Smoke prevention and exhaust system

The clean workshop is a windowless workshop with no natural ventilation conditions. the fire will produce much harmful smoke, and even toxic gases cannot flow outdoors. In addition, the narrow and tortuous passages in the cleanroom make it difficult to evacuate and fight fires. To ensure that the person leaves the scene smoothly as soon as possible, you should install the mechanical smoke exhaust and pressurized air supply systems.

Fire emergency lighting and evacuation indication system

The clean workshop is a relatively closed body. The indoor personnel flow route is complicated, and the access channels are circuitous. To be able to evacuate people smoothly, the clean workshop should have emergency lighting for personnel evacuation. Set up sign lights at the corners of safety exits, evacuation openings, and evacuation passages to facilitate evacuees to identify the direction and quickly evacuate the accident scene. Set up red emergency lights at special fire exits so that firefighters can enter the plant in time to put out the fire.

Fire extinguisher

You need to install fire extinguishers in all places in the clean workshop. They are the most effective means of fighting early fires. According to relevant statistics, 60% to 80% of initial building fires are extinguished by fire extinguishers before the fire brigade arrives.

In short, to equip the cleanroom with fire facilities must be technologically advanced, economical, safe, and reliable. In addition, fire facilities management is also particularly important. In Youthtech, our products include cleanroom air filters, purification equipment, cleanroom furniture, clean room panels.

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