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About The Cosmetic Workshop How Much Do You Know

Today, cosmetic products have become a necessity of modern life. With the development of the social economy and the improvement of people’s living, the standard for the quality of cosmetics became stricter. As we know, the environment of clean workshops affects the quality of cosmetics products, so the design and the decoration of cosmetics making workshops are very important. Today, we will share with you the requirements and design points of the cosmetic workshop.

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Requirements of the cosmetic workshop

  1. Air changes: 10-15 times/hour for Class100000; 15-25 times/hour for Class10000; 50-52 times/hour for Class1000.
  2. Wind speed: cross-section wind speed of the hundred-level console is 0.25—0.35m/s.
  3. Pressure difference: main workshop to adjacent room ≥5Pa.
  4. Temperature: 14℃>winter>18℃; 24℃<summer<28℃.
  5. Relative humidity: 45-65% (RH).
  6. Noise ≤65dB (A).
  7. Fresh air supplement: 20-30% of the total air supply.
  8. Illumination: ≥300Lux.

The design points of the cosmetic workshop

  1. Air quality is an important source of pollution in the clean cosmetic workshop. Therefore, we should control the purification level of the workshop air. In producing cosmetics, the air in the cosmetic filling workshop must be designed according to GMP requirements. The number of aseptic colonies should not exceed 10, and the total number of bacteria should not exceed 1000/ m³.
  2. Products that generate dust or use harmful, flammable, or explosive materials in the cosmetics clean workshop during the production process must use a separate production workshop.
  3. the clean workshop should adopt high-efficiency and broad-spectrum sterilization methods. There are many sterilization methods available, such as ultraviolet radiation, drug sterilization, and filter sterilization. 
  4. Air filtration in the clean workshop is very important. The air purification in the production workshop requires air purification equipment, such as air showers, air filters, transfer windows, and other purification equipment, which are simple to install and easy to use.
  5. The semi-finished product storage room, filling room, clean container storage room, dressing room must have air purification or air disinfection facilities.

The requirements of the cosmetic workshop are relatively strict. Minor environmental or operational changes may affect the quality of products. So the design and decoration of clean workshops are very important for the production. At this time, you need a professional team to provide technical support.

Youthtech has been a professional cleanroom supply manufacturer in China since 2005, and our products include cleanroom air filters, purification equipment, cleanroom furniture, clean room panels.

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