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About The Cleanroom Windows Things You Should Know.

In aerospace, microelectronics, food and beverages, pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, and healthcare industries, the cleanroom windows play a critical role in ensuring the cleanliness of the product processing. When a controlled environment free of air pollutants is essential, every aspect of the design needs to help maintain cleanroom standards.

The cleanrooms and cleanroom doors are important to ensure that all exits, entrances, and openings in the cleanroom are always safe. If they do not work properly, the cleanroom will face a higher risk of contamination. Youthtech is a professional cleanroom supply manufacturer in China since 2005. In this post, we will share with you something about the cleanroom windows.

The importance of cleanroom windows

The composition of the cleanroom is as below:

  1. Cleanroom ceiling system: including ceiling rod, I-beams, ceiling grid, or ceiling frame.
  2. Air conditioning system: including air filters system, windmill, etc.
  3. Partition board: including windows and doors.
  4. Floor: Including raised floor or anti-static floor.
  5. Lighting appliances: including fluorescent lamps, yellow tubes, etc.

Therefore, cleanroom windows play an important role in maintaining the cleanroom environment.

Details of Cleanroom windows 

Generally, standard cleanroom window units can cooperate with modular wall and cleanroom ceiling systems.

The vision panel of windows adopts a strong extruded aluminum frame to minimize protrusion from the wall. Youthtech can supply the windows according to your cleanroom requirements and the wall thicknesses or panel sizes.

The types of cleanroom windows

  1. Beveled Window

the cleanroom windows are designed specifically for cleanroom applications. They do not have a wall shelf to make cleaning easier. The design eliminates corners that often collect dust, particles, and other microorganisms. It is a cost-effective alternative to dual flush window systems that usually require two separate pieces of glass. This design helps achieve FDA compliance.

  1. Flush window

The windows are installed in the wall system to provide a completely flush surface. You can set the windows into the return air wall—insulating glass units or double-layer flush glass suitable for most designs.

The single-layer glass window features high transparency, low price, simple structure, and easy installation. 

  1. Double flush window

Designed for interior wall applications that require flush surfaces on both sides of the wall, the dual flush window system provides an attractive appearance and two completely flush surfaces. The advantages of double-pane windows are heat insulation, good heat preservation, high transparency, and a beautiful appearance.

In addition, the cleanroom doors are also an important piece of equipment to ensure the environmental safety of the cleanroom. Youthtech is a professional supplier of cleanroom panels, our products including all types of cleanrooms, cleanroom  air filterspurification equipmentcleanroom furniture, clean room panels. If you have any interest, please get in touch with us via the contact form, and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

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