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About The Clean Room Pass Box, How Much Do You Know ?

Youthtech is a professional clean room supply manufacturer in China since 2005. In this post, we will introduce something about the clean room pass box to you.

What is the pass box?

Cleanroom Pass box, also called pass-through box or transfer hatch, includes dynamic pass box and static pass box. It is the perfect tool used to transfer materials or products between two areas of different classes in the cleanroom.

The purpose of pass box design is to reduce the times of door openings, so it is the important auxiliary equipment of the clean room.

Principle of cleanroom pass box

The pass through box is a device set at the entrance and exit of a clean room to block indoor and outdoor airflow when transferring materials to prevent polluted air from entering a more pristine area and causing cross-contamination.

The air shower blows a high-speed, clean airflow from the top when materials through the box blow off the dust particles on the surface. At this time, the doors on both sides should be open or close, and the clean airflow acts as an airlock to ensure that the air will not affect the cleanliness of the clean room.

Classification of  pass box

  1. Electronic interlocking pass box.
  2.  Mechanical interlocking pass box.
  3. Self-cleaning pass box.

Advantages of clean room pass box

The Pass box adopts stainless steel plate, which is flat and smooth. The long-distance Pass box workbench adopts non-powered rollers, which makes it easy and convenient to transfer materials.

Operating process of pass box for clean room

1. The pass box is the transfer channel of materials between clean rooms with different cleanliness levels.
2. Usually, the door of the pass box is closed. When the material is delivered, the deliverer rings the doorbell first and then opens a door when the other party responds.

After the material is delivered, the door is closed immediately, and the recipient opens the other door to remove the material. After picking it out, close the door again.
3. After the operation is over, and the staff should clean and disinfect the pass through boxes regularly.

Hygiene management of clean room pass box

The management of the pass box is according to the higher-level clean room connected to it.  After the work, the staff should clean the internal surfaces of the pass box and turn on the UV sterilization lamp for 30 minutes.

Youth Pass Box is adopting high-quality Full S304. The corners of the working area assume circular arcs with a radius of 20mm for easy cleaning.

The doors are interlocked by a magnetic device and provide a buffer area for transferring material/product through the room with a different class. Meanwhile, the products of Youthtech include clean room air filterspurification equipmentcleanroom furniture, clean room panels. 

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