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About The Air Shower Working Principle,How Much Do You Know?

The cleanroom is a controlled environment that controls the air particles, temperature, cleanliness, and pressure within a certain range. The air shower for the cleanroom is mainly to reduce the amount of dust brought into the cleanroom. The main function of the air shower system is to prepare a dedicated passage for the staff to enter and exit the clean area, and it can remove the dust on the surface of the person and the object effectively. Youthtech has been a professional cleanroom supply manufacturer in China since 2005. In this post, we will share with you the air shower working principle and the operating specifications.

The air shower working principle

The main working principle of the air shower is to filter through the primary effect filter and the high-efficiency filter and then blow it to the human body for dust removal. After being filtered by the high filter, clean air is sprayed from the nozzle of the air shower room at high speed.

The angle of the nozzle can be adjusted, which can effectively blow off the dust attached to the surface of the human body or the carried objects. The blown dust passes through the primary filter again with the circulating airflow. So the cycle goes back and forth to achieve the purpose of the wind shower. There is another main principle that the filter physically adsorbs dust. It is the main reason why the air shower can remove dust.

Air shower specifications based on the air shower working principle

  1. Before entering the air shower room

After changing clothes and shoes, confirm whether the air shower room is idle through the window of the air shower room and the indicator light; if the air shower room is in working condition, please open the door of the air shower room forcibly. The door lock of the air shower room is damaged. After the shower is over, the indoor personnel leave, and the door is automatically closed for about 2 seconds before entering.

  1. After entering the air shower room

Go straight through the photoelectric sensor, the blowing starts. Please raise your hands in the room and rotate 360 ​​degrees to blow the shower; 

  1. The blowing is over

The air shower room fan stops operating after 2 seconds before going out and leaving the air shower.

Due to the air shower working principle, the following matters should be paid attention to when using the air shower

  1. When the air-cargo shower is blowing, it is forbidden to open the door until the blowing stops. 
  2. A dedicated person should operate the air shower after the blowing nozzle is positioned, should not easily move it. 
  3. After the blowing shower is over, do not open the front door.

In addition, proper maintenance of the air shower is the key to ensuring the cleanliness of the cleanroom. As a professional cleanroom manufacturer, we recommend that you replace the primary filter once a month. At the same time, you should wipe the air shower frequently to keep the interior clean. In Youthtech, our products include cleanroom air filters, purification equipment, cleanroom furniture, carbon filter serials, clean room panels.

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