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About Cleanroom Gowning And Entry Procedure, You Need To Know

The importance of gowning and entry procedure

The cleanroom gowning procedure is the most crucial part of maintaining the cleanroom. Cleanrooms are specially designed for attaining a contamination-free environment. Workers and operators can be a major source of contamination in a cleanroom (up to 80%). Cleanroom gowning and entry procedures are not only necessary for maintaining this hygiene but also for the safety of the workers themselves.

Cleanroom Gowning Procedure

As a cleanroom operator, you must be clean while coming to work. You need to be showered, shaved, wear no skin moisturizers, and have clean teeth, without perfume or makeup, you should have no silicon on you ( in creams, shampoo, or any other way). As you may know that staff members or cleanroom workers and operators can be the most potent source of pollution and contamination in the cleanroom.  With this, you set up a controlled environment clean enough to sustain successful experiments. In addition to personal hygiene before work, there are other gowning procedures and protocols that must be followed during the whole process at work.

Cleanroom Entry Procedure

Before entering a cleanroom a person must be free from any form of contamination as it takes a lot of effort and resources to maintain and achieve this incredible cleanliness. There is a whole list of Do’s and Don’ts that you need to follow before entering a cleanroom. There are no hard and fast rules but anyone can get an idea of all pros and cons of the cleanroom gowning procedure by reading the below-mentioned steps. Workers may need to repeat these steps every time before entering or leaving the cleanroom.

Gowning procedure step by step

  • Leave personal belongings outside.
  • Discard candy, gum, and no food or meal inside the cleanroom.
  • Avoid making contact with things unnecessarily (even furniture).
  • Remove makeup (use cleanroom water and soap).
  • Clean your mouth and throat as there could be any particles.
  • Clean small items which you need to take inside.
  • Cover all hair. Facial hairs can be covered with facial masks.
  • Wear a lint-free headcover.
  • Clean your shoes.
  • Pick up booties.
  • Put on the booties and swing them from the dirty to the clean side of the bench.
  • Now you are ready to enter the main gowning room.
  • Put on the gowning gloves made out of nylon and before this put aside all items (badge, pager, etc) to be taken inside.
  • Get into a bunny suit and belt. Don’t touch the ground while doing so.
  • Carefully tuck the pants into booties and fasten snaps present at top of booties.
  • Now attach the battery and filter unit to the belt and plug it into the battery.
  • Get your helmet and put it on. Tuck the helmet skirt into your bunny suit and zip the bunny suit up at the shoulders.
  • Get the ID badge and safety glasses.
  • Now attach the helmet hose to the filter unit and tighten the knob present at the back of the helmet.
  • Then you need to put on the safety glasses, pager, and ID badge.
  • Get the scope shield.
  • To use, you will need to remove the protective covering from both sides of it.

Another important thing aiding the Cleanroom Gowning Procedure is the air showers which are specialized chambers incorporated at the main entrance of the cleanroom. You enter one and high-pressure filtered air is showered at you. This air is HEPA or ULPA filtered and it removes all contaminations from your clothes, belongings, etc.

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