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A Complete Guide To The Bag In Bag Out Filter System, You Need To Know

The Filter System is very important for the cleanroom. The bag-in-bag-out is designed to meet laboratory workbench requirements, offering effective protection from airborne particles and reducing environmental pollution. Its principle is employed, ensuring that no contamination occurs in the process of filtering the air. The efficiency of this principle has been proven in many years of practical use. It offers an innovative approach that is both energy and cost-efficient. Have you been searching for this filter system in a laboratory workbench? If yes, let’s dive deep into details.

What is Bag in Bag out filter system?

It is used to clean the impurities from the process fluid. It is normally used for the filtration of chemical liquids, oils, and others requiring cleanliness levels up to 10 microns or more. These systems are designed to handle fluids with corrosive components present, such as HCl, HF, Sulfuric acid, etc. 

Its procedure whereby material or samples are transferred to (or from) sterile containers. The goal of the process is to prevent contamination during transfer. They may be used for filtering particulate matter, precipitates, or other solids that can lead to sample contamination.

How does the Filter System Work?

BIBO filtration is a method of collecting, separating or concentrating small particles by surrounding them with another filter. The inner filter traps the material while the outer filter collects excess fluid. The advantage of this filtration over conventional methods is that it eliminates the loss of particles during collection and minimizes contamination from outside sources.

This system comprises a housing with an inlet line route that allows contact with the medium being cleaned. 

The function of the Bag In Bag Out Filter System

The function of this filter system in a laboratory workbench is to provide clean and healthy air. It’s suitable for filtering the air from a high concentration of toxic gas, such as mercury vapor, sulfur dioxide, ammonia gas, etc. And it can also be used for ventilation and exhaust applications where it is important to capture particulate matter. It is an air filtration device that is used to capture airborne particulate matter. It consists of two bags, one inside the other. The inner bag contains a filter medium. When the outer bag is filled, it can be sealed and removed for disposal. After sealing, the inner bag remains in place and can be reused repeatedly to capture additional particles through successive filling/sealing cycles. The blower draws the contaminated air through the dust collector which captures most of the particles.

How to Choose the Filter System for your Cleanroom?

This system is used to keep the cleanroom clean. But, what should be taken into consideration while purchasing these bags?

There are different types of filter systems available in the market. One can choose between disposable and reusable filters. Disposable filters are cheaper, but they need to be replaced continuously, which is usually a cumbersome job. Reusable filters last longer but are a little bit expensive than disposable ones. Another factor that needs to be considered is the size of the system and its filtration efficiency depending on this parameter. The capacity of the system also impacts filtration efficiency, so one should take this factor into consideration too when making a purchase decision for a bag in-bag out filter system for laboratory workbench use cases.

Youthfilter’s BIBO filter system is an invention that was created to solve your problem. Youth Tech wanted to offer some extra convenience while offering the best filter system for your cleanroom that is affordable too. 

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