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5 Tips To Maintain The Pharmacy Clean Room Cleanliness

As we know, the clean room design standards are very strict. And the clean room’s maintenance is very important because once there is dust or pollution come into the cleanroom, the system will have to stop. This will bring more economic loss for the production—especially the pharmacy clean room cleanliness.

Since the clean room is very sensitive and everything that comes into the clean room may release particulate into the air. Even the employees in the clean room will bring the particulate. So in this post, we will share with you 13 tips about maintaining the pharmacy cleanroom cleanliness.

The Cleanroom protective clothing

First, all staff entering the clean room must wear cleanroom protective clothing. Because once our hair falls off, there is no way to control it. That’s why anyone entering the clean room must wear protective clothing.

Usually, the protective clothing will depend on the cleanroom cleanliness, and it will vary from just a dress and gloves to head-to-toe clothing.

Cleanroom furniture for the pharmacy cleam room

Some common home furniture may emit particles by itself. But clean room furniture can reduce particles and dust that fall and collect on the table.
We have cleanroom furniture from the gowning cabinet, stool bench, working table fume hood, and the material barrel.

Air Shower

To control the number of particles, the air shower is also very important. This clean room equipment can blow away any particles from people entering the clean room. It’s a good way to eliminate any excess particles before the employees enter the clean room.

Clean room floor

Since people and wheel will come and go on the clean room floor, so the floor is the place that can get particles easily, and usually, the stick pharmacy clean room floor is better than the sticky mats. With proper maintenance, the sticky floor will be more durable and effective for 3-5 years.

Correct protective clothing dressing skills.

You may think it takes too much time on the protective dressing. But to keep the pharmacy clean room cleanliness, it’s worth doing this.

   Perfume and cosmetics

Since the perfume and cosmetics can emit extra particles, many clean rooms do not allow taking this into the clean room area.

   Take off the personal staff

All staff should take off the necklace, and this can avoid extra particles go into the air.

   Change your shoes

Since the shoes will take particles to the clean room area, it’s necessary to change staff shoes to the clean room shoes.

   Wearing the hair set to avoid hair falling

Staff should make sure that all the hair is inside the hair set and do not touch inside the hair set.

  Wearing the clean room gloves

One pair of clean room gloves can keep your hands from the particles, please, and staff should wear second gloves if need.

Our company Youth is a professional clean room manufacturer in China. We mainly produce clean room air filters, cleanroom furniture.

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