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4 Layouts Of Laboratory Furniture Design You Should Know About

As a laboratory for laboratory workers, safety is the priority, the second is practical, and the third is beautiful. In the construction of the laboratory, furniture design and selection must be carried out according to the laboratory work content, environmental conditions, and specific requirements. The layout, function, and flexible design of laboratory furniture are important components of experimental architectural design.In this post, we will share with you about laboratory furniture design.

The lab furniture Classification by function

The experiment platform includes physical and chemical experiment platforms, instrument platforms, sky platforms, washing platforms, sampling platforms, high-temperature platforms, etc.

Laboratory cabinets include safety storage cabinets, medicine cabinets, drug cabinets, utensil cabinets, fireproof cabinets, filing cabinets, lockers, specimen cabinets, sample cabinets, gas cylinder cabinets, etc.

The lab furniture Classification by material

1. Wooden furniture is mainly made of artificial panels with rich colors and strong personalization. It is suitable for users who pursue individuality. Still, its moisture resistance and load-bearing capacity are slightly weaker, and it is not suitable for humid laboratories and environments with high load-bearing requirements.

2. The steel-wood structure furniture is composed of a metal frame and a wooden cabinet. The test bench can be equipped with a movable cabinet or a fixed cabinet. It is cost-effective, but the style is single, suitable for users who are pursuing economic benefits.

3. Steel furniture is made of cold-rolled steel plate after phosphating and pickling, and the surface is baked with epoxy resin. It has good load-bearing performance, strong and durable, and has the strongest overall performance. It is suitable for users with a sufficient budget and high requirements.

The lab furnitures Classification by structure

The experimental platform can be divided into the fixed experimental platform, suspended experimental platform, split experimental platform, and mobile experimental platform according to different structures.

1. Fixed test bench: The fixed test bench is a traditional arrangement, and the floor cabinet supports the tabletop, which is not flexible enough.
2. Suspension test bench: The cabinet of the suspension test bench is on the floor metal frame, which has good moisture resistance and flexibility. The cabinet can be rearranged without affecting other parts of the workbench system.
3. Split test bench: The water and electricity service system of the split workbench and the test bench are two parts of the split. They are separated and can be combined organically. The test bench can be easily moved and rearranged without the need for new water and electricity. The most flexible system, suitable for step-by-step procurement or the support of reserved development space for the future, is one of the mainstream products for future development. This kind of test bench is more expensive.

4. Mobile experiment table: The mobile experiment table is equipped with wheels, which allows users to create and change their own laboratory space. The objects on the mobile workbench can be easily moved from one place to another. Many tables, carts, and workbench objects can be easily moved from one place to another. Many desks, carts, and workbench objects can be adjusted vertically to be more ergonomic.

Four layouts of the laboratory furniture design

One-line layout

The experimental bench adopts a one-line layout suitable for small or large laboratories.

Type L layout

The laboratory bench is arranged in parallel with the two adjacent walls of the laboratory with maintenance access, suitable for precision instrument rooms.

Peninsula layout

One end of the laboratory bench is against the wall, suitable for large-scale laboratories and physical and chemical rooms, and the space utilization rate is high.

Island layout

The experimental platform arrangement is in the middle of the laboratory, convenient for the work and escape of the experimental personnel, and has the highest efficiency and safety.

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