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10 Tips For You To Choose The Right Cleanroom Doors

Many industries require the cleanliness of particulate matter in the air and environmental control of air pollution, temperature, and humidity. When a controlled environment free of air pollutants is essential, every aspect of the design needs to help maintain cleanroom standards. Cleanroom doors are an important part of the cleanroom because they are responsible for sealing the controlled environment.

If they do not work properly, the cleanroom will face a higher risk of contamination. Youthtech is a professional cleanroom supply manufacturer in China since 2005. In this post, we will share with you how to choose the right cleanroom doors.

Ten key considerations when choosing the cleanroom doors

  1. a Completely flat surface

Choose doors that are completely flat on both sides. If there is no edge for the dust to fall in, it is easy to clean and maintain good hygiene. The best option is a door with smoothly inserted windows and completely flush with the cleanroom wall.

  1. Easy to integrate

Pay attention to the system dependence of the cleanroom door. Many manufacturers sell doors that can be only suitable for their systems. It is difficult to change the parameters in the facility without compromising the integrity of the cleanroom door. 

  1. Thick door panels

Choose doors that are resistant to bending and earthquakes. We recommend a thickness of 60 mm to provide strength and reliability in most industrial environments. The aluminum door is a perfect choice.

  1. High airtightness

What level of proper airtightness should the door have? The 3.5 m3/hm2 measured at a pressure of 200 Pa is a reliable and good value. Some doors can be equipped with double gasket technology and an integrated sink gasket to improve airtightness further.

  1. Resistant to cleaning products

You must clean the cleanroom with various powerful chemicals every day to ensure a high level of hygiene. Like any other cleanroom surface, a cleanroom door needs to withstand the regular use of any cleaning products, and it needs to avoid any reaction between the door and chemicals.

  1. Safety glass

In a cleanroom, safety comes first. Therefore, the design of every product should meet the highest safety requirements.

  1. Antistatic surfaces

The antistatic surface ensures that the door will not attract dust and micro-pollutants. All covers should be antistatic to keep the cleanroom as hygienic as possible, including the cleanroom door.

  1. Premium hardware

It’s not just the surface of the door that needs special attention. Smaller details such as locks, door sliders, and hinges should also be the best quality to ensure durability and easy maintenance.

  1. Locking options

If there is any risk of cutting off the power, the mechanical lock will do the job and the electronic system. If there is a hierarchy of access levels, it may be best to consider using a card system so you can provide employees with different permissions. The automatic door opens and closes automatically with one button, which is very convenient. The electronic lock system guarantees the highest security through interlocking control and locking.

  1. Warranty conditions and after-sales service

After you confirm the specifications of the cleanroom door, it is time to choose a supplier. Whether it is a small company or a large company, look at the services provided. It will prevent having to replace the door at a significantly higher cost. Also, check the estimated turnaround time from order to delivery. When there is a problem in a cleanroom, every minute is critical.

Youthtech is a professional cleanroom doors manufacturers, our products including all types of cleanrooms, cleanroom air filters, purification equipment, cleanroom furniture, cleanroom panels, cleanroom sliding doors.

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